What people are saying about the Training Course:

"Thanks so much for taking the time to come and share this program with us. It has been such a fun and innovative way to get people moving."

"I liked the concept of using music in a structured way.  Currently, I was just using it as background. This is way more effective and fun."

"It has been so much fun for the clients and the staff!  We look forward to Wednesdays for a break from the regular exercise routine!"

"My colleague and myself have been taking turns leading the program and its very well received by all participants. Thank you for teaching us the skills to be able to facilitate this program is such a positive way."

"I loved the energy of the music and the routines. 

"I liked the energy that the instructor had. She was very passionate about what she does."

"Since the workshop I have used the exercises and our clients love them."

​What people are saying about HeartBeats Club:

“I love the program you do. Your energy and enthusiasm is a wonderful thing to see in Town Square. The way you get the residents moving and smiling and laughing is the one thing I look forward to in my week! Thank you for all you do" - recreation supervisor, Peel LTC Home

Tammy leads classes for us twice a week and the residents love it, the staff love it, and family members come to participate as well.  It’s a wonderful program, it gets people moving and it empowers them to do more with their bodies and with their life.  They are motivated to exercise to their full potential” - recreation staff member, Burlington LTC

“Thank you for everything you do. They love your program and it is easy to get people to attend because it is so enjoyable”
– recreation staff member, Oakville LTC

My parents have had the pleasure of participating in Tammy’s chair fitness classes. She is an amazing instructor who shows immense kindness, compassion and care towards her clients. My father looks forward to the classes with enthusiasm and really enjoys them.” - S. Sapra, daughter of Oakville LTC resident

Statistics from presentations:

  • 88% of participants would recommend this workshop to their friend or colleague
  • 87.5% of participants rated the overall workshop excellent, 12.5% rated it good, 0% fair or below. 

“Sometimes when people come to these places they don't have much to look forward to, but when we participate in your class we enjoy it and feel more alive than ever.”  - Oakville LTC resident, age 92

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