making one feel strong, healthy, and full of energy.

HeartBeats Club is an enlivened approach to exercise with older adults that will shatter traditional stereotypes and set an even brighter vision for what it means to age with vibrancy. The key component of this stimulating exercise class is combining upbeat energetic music with easy-to-follow, safe and effective movements.  

Simple actions like clapping, tapping and marching in time to the beat increases heart rate and improves endurance.

Basic leg and arm exercises enhance ADLs,  increase range of motion and provide strength training. 

Getting people moving with invigorating music and cardio chair exercise 

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This comprehensive program will address the whole person by providing functional fitness (body), neuro-stimulation (mind) and lifted mood (soul). Using a celebratory atmosphere of singing, cheering and group interaction, everyone is motivated to move to the best of their ability.  It’s so fun and uplifting it doesn't even feel like exercise!​

Participants will leave this session full of joy and vitality with a sense of belonging to a special, relevant community.


Doing the same exercise routine on a regular basis can become monotonous. But if you combine energetic music with an atmosphere of celebration, a traditional class can be transformed into an exciting event that feels more like entertainment than a workout.  

Even though HeartBeats Club is suitable for all fitness levels, Activity Professionals who work in Long Term Care Centres and Adult Day Programs will find this format particularly effective in addressing the unique needs of the frail client who is facing multiple chronic medical conditions. 

Activity professionals are looking for new and stimulating ways to motivate clients to exercise. HeartBeats Club is an easy to follow cardio chair class synchronized with invigorating music.  Participants of all capabilities are eager to attend and enthusiastically participate to their full potential.

Start a HeartBeats Club in your Long Term Care Home, Adult Day Program or Retirement Community!

2 day on site training

Cost: $350 per attendee


- manual and 7 routines to lead a 30 minute class

- 2 practice classes with clients

Minimum # of participants 6
Maximum # of participants 12